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The Artist

Leah Beardsley-Chamberlain

Born and raised in Shawville, QC, Leah discovered her love for art at an early age. She expanded her passion while attending Pontiac Protestant High School in the 90's. After high school, other priorities came into her life and the pencil was rarely touched.


It was late summer of 2019 when a niece inspired Leah to pick up the pencil after over a decade of not touching it. She went home sketched a cow portrait and rediscovered how relaxing it was to draw. In April 2021 after hearing of Prince Philip passing she drew a portrait of him and sent a print to the Queen. In July 2021 she received a letter of appreciation from Her Majesty and was encouraged to pursue her artwork further. 

Leah is passionate about drawing subject matter as it is seen and bringing to life a memory that once stood still, by using just a pencil. 


Self-taught, she recognizes her gift is from God, the creator of heaven and earth. HE is to be praised, for each piece she does is only because of the ability HE has given her. She describes drawing as a time of refreshment, peace & joy. Her hope is that her art blesses others as much as it does her.  


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